The Descent

A striking and captivating painting of the biblical story of Moses receiving the tablets of stone on Mount Sinai is brought to life with a contemporary twist. The mountain, engulfed in big flames of fire, stands as a powerful symbol of the monumental event that unfolded in the history of the Jewish people. Below, the people of Israel gather in anticipation, standing in awe of the great miracle and the power of the divine. Strong vibrant colours of red, yellow, and blue splash across the canvas, creating a dynamic and lively visual representation of this sacred moment. The heavy texture adds a tactile element, inviting the viewer to touch and immerse themselves in the intensity and depth of the scene, evoking a sense of connection to the spiritual significance of the story.


Original £1500


Acrylic and plaster on canvas with heavy texture.


80cm x 100cm Depth 4.5cm

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