Jerusalem – a city of many cultures

A mesmerizing painting of Jerusalem where narrow cobbled streets wind their way through the ancient city, each stone bearing the weight of centuries of history and faith. The walls of the buildings, weathered and textured, whisper stories of generations past. The entire city is enveloped in a golden glow, emanating from the hearts of the people who call it home, their faith and belief shining through in every corner. Amidst the labyrinth of streets, a rich tapestry of multicultural faces can be seen, each one a testament to the city's different faiths and religions. The heavy texture of the painting, with its layers of paint and brushstrokes, adds depth and complexity to the scene, mirroring the intricate layers of emotion and spirituality that make up the essence of Jerusalem. It is a portrayal of a city where faith, emotion, multiculturalism, and diversity come together in a harmonious dance, creating a masterpiece of unity and peace.


Original £1200


Acrylic with mixed media on canvas. Heavy texture.


72cm x 72cm Depth 4.5cm

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