The View

A captivating painting capturing a special view of the ancient city of Jerusalem, in the glorious evening light. The city is bathed in a stunning array of vibrant shades of blue, illuminated by hues of bright yellow and gold, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of colour and light. The heavy texture of the painting adds depth and richness, enhancing the intricate details of the ancient cityscape. The striking angle of the composition offers a unique perspective, drawing you the viewer, into the heart of the scene. Emotion and excitement in the air, the hidden city holds divine secrets and untold stories waiting to be unveiled. Faith permeates the atmosphere, intertwining with the beauty and mystery of the ancient city, inviting contemplation and wonder in the presence of something truly sacred and transcendent.


Original £1200


Acrylic with mixed media on canvas. Heavy texture.


72cm x 72cm Depth 4.5cm

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