This unique piece is one of my favourites. It conveys the emotion I felt standing in front of the Kotel not so long ago, watching the people in deep prayer, sharing their personal sorrows, repenting, asking for forgiveness and salvation.. This sculpture of the Wailing Wall stands as a symbol of sorrow and solace, its ancient stones seemin gly shedding tears of anguish as if the very essence of the wall is weeping. Crafted from plaster over canvas, it glows in hues of radiant gold and shimmering copper, casting a spellbinding aura of elegance and grief. In this poignant portrayal, the wall transcends its physical form to embody the collective emotions of the people, resonating with the deep pain and fervent prayers of those who seek solace and redemption. At that very moment, the wall seemed to be feeling the weight of the world's sorrows, a silent witness full of of empathy and understanding.


Original £1500


Plaster on canvas with heavy texture


100cm x 80cm Depth 4.5

All originals available as prints. Contact Cordia for custom sizes.