Jacob’s Dream

This painting of Jacob's dream mesmerises with its depiction of a spiritual stairway ascending to heaven, evoking a profound sense of transcendence and divine connection. Small angels hover delicately, serving as ethereal guardians, guiding and protecting us on our journey towards the light. The heavy texture and use of gold leaf add a sense of richness and sacredness to the composition, enhancing the awe-inspiring nature of the scene. The beautiful shades of blue and white evoke a sense of purity and serenity, creating a harmonious blend of colours. Through this artwork, the emotional journey depicted leads us out of the ordinary realm of existence and towards a place filled with hope, faith, and a profound sense of belief in the transcendent power of the divine.


Original £850


Acrylic on canvas with texture and glass crystals.


76cm x 51cm Depth 4.5cm

All originals available as prints. Contact Cordia for custom sizes.