The Miracle

A modern abstract painting depicting the people of Israel crossing the Red Sea is a mesmerizing portrayal of faith and hope in the divine. The waters take the form of a massive wave, twisting and splashing in a surreal vision that conveys a sense of awe and wonder. The heavy texture of the painting adds depth and complexity to the scene, while beautiful shades of green, blues, and orange create a harmonious blend of colours. The wave, floating in the sky, symbolises the miraculous nature of the event, adding a mystical element to the composition. The artwork captures the essence of the biblical story with a contemporary and abstract twist, inviting viewers to contemplate the power of faith and the beauty of divine intervention.


Original £1200


Acrylic on canvas with heavy texture.


80cm x 100cm Depth 4.5

All originals available as prints. Contact Cordia for custom sizes.