Events + Exhibitions



Beit Halochem Art Social 2024    CLICK HERE

Kinloss Art Fair 2023    CLICK HERE

Wizo Art Charity Luncheon 2023    CLICK HERE


Over the coming New Year, I am very excited to be planning to exhibit at some fantastic art shows, new venues and galleries.

Please contact me and say hello to stay in touch with news of my new creative work and upcoming shows.

Thank you !

“I would love to hear from you, and learn about your preferences, help with something you are looking for or to discuss a custom painting”.

Cordia Ezekiel

Special Collections

Over the coming year I will be creating and promoting some specially themed collections:


  • Jerusalem
  • Bible Stories
  • The Kotel
  • Festivals
  • Judaic
  • Birkat Habait Art
  • Ketubah Art
  • Hamza Art

Feel free to contact me